Troubleshooting and FAQ

Having trouble connecting to the TAFENSW wireless network? Here are a few things you can check:

  1. The date and time on your device must be accurate to be able to properly send your username and password. Check if the time your clock is displaying is correct.
  2. You may not have the required security certificates installed on your device to be able to connect. Next time you’re on the ‘net, browse to TAFE Wireless ( This will automatically update your device with the required certificates. Make sure you browse to the HTTPS version of the site.
  3. If wireless was working for you previously but has stopped after you changed your account’s password, you may need to set your device to ‘forget’ the TAFENSW network, then reconnect using the instructions posted on this site.
  4. If you can connect to the wireless but can’t get on the internet, make sure you’ve configured your proxy settings. Instructions are available on the wireless information page for your specific device type.
  5. When connecting to TAFENSW, you will need enter your username as your full TAFE email address, for example, for TAFE staff, or for students.
  6. Some Samsung phones will display the message “Ready to connect when network quality improves” when attempting to connect to WiFi. This is due to a widely reported problem with the Smart Network Switching feature on Samsung devices. To resolve this problem, turn off Smart Network Switching under WiFi settings, then reconnect to the TAFENSW wireless.